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Your Journey Begins This Fall!

Families on the Go™ has one clear goal -- to provide in-depth travel information that inspires fun, creative and family-friendly vacations. We put all the details at your fingertips with destination and accommodation reviews; a database that pairs great hotels with your favorite activities; newsletters and blogs that deliver the "buzz" on family travel trends; and extensive travel planning resources. Successful family vacations are about planning ahead and remaining flexible during the trip, as well as understanding that it's also all about the kids.

The Parent Gap. Look at vacation possibilities through your children's eyes. Parents and children view the perfect vacation very differently. Theme parks, pools with waterslides and in-room movies/games are just a few of the top choices for kids.
Kids Just Want To Have Fun. If you want to build excitement about a trip, then let your kids help plan it. Families on the Go™ provides a special section of the site, with plenty of wild and wacky areas, sure to inspire the imagination.
Dancing to their Own Beat. If your kids are rocking from dawn to dusk, then pack the day with activities. If their "sleep until noon" biological clock has kicked in, then take that into account. Check out our travel resource section for additional tips on planning a family vacation.
Quality Time. It may be "all about the kids" for most of the vacation, but it is equally important to carve out some quality time for mom and dad. Our reviews highlight some great things to do with one another -- whether it be sliding off to a spa, playing a round of golf or simply enjoying a romantic dinner together.

Families on the Go™

Expert Reviews. Our travel writers give you the real deal on great places to stay and play.

Custom trip planning. Proprietary database search -- we give you th chance to pair great places to stay with all the fun activities you enjoy most.

The "buzz" on family travel trends. We separate the real buzz from the PR buzz to help you make more informed decisions.

Kid-driven vacation planning. 93% of kids influence their family's vacation choice. We created a special database just for them; one that gives them cool tools to build their dream trip.

In-depth travel tips. Our travel writers share their expertise on planning a family vacation.

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